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Daydreaming Beyond Binaries

Beyond Marginality began as a daydream. In a world shaped and confined by compounding oppressions, what can those of us relegated to the margins do but dream?


Through assigned reading, mentorship, program design, curiosity, feminist friendship, leadership as a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) educator, and community commitments, I came to learn that daydreaming lay at the foundation of action.


Beyond Marginality is a promise - a creative hub focused on  seeing us beyond assigned marginality, honoring the ways in which we’ve survived, created, loved, and learned despite the presumed deficits associated with our socio-political identities. An amalgamation of equity and inclusion praxis, transnational Black feminist promises, curiosity and creative expression, Beyond Marginality is my avenue of working collaboratively in hopes of cultivating experiences beyond the confines of the proverbial margins.

- Kristian Contreras, PhD

 (She | Her | Hers)

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