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A grainy scanned image of Kristian, aged 6, looking down and dressed in a color block windbreaker

The Writing: Tek Wuh Ah Tellin Yuh

I have often found solace at the delicate juncture of pen and paper. In this space, I am able to uncurl my spine in writing – a sanctuary from the fear of tripping over the rhythmic sounds of my name in a world shrouded in the veneer of Whiteness. ​

Tek Wuh Ah Tellin Yuh is a nod to the Guyanese creole that narrated my childhood, and peppers my speech during phone calls with my mother. She'd tell you that I'm a platanos and the only Dominican thing about me are my hands - a perfect replica of my father's. 


This space is for me. Tek Wuh Ah Tellin Yuh means listen up, pay attention, and that's that on that. All of these things are exactly what this corner of the internet affords me- a place to process and lay out the messiness of my life, like the limitations of my family's commitment to assimilation and respectability, the loneliness of being caught between the American Black/White racial binary as an Afro-Caribbean woman, intergenerational survival strategies that require self-abnegation, and the struggle to undo and unlearn the internalized -isms that permeate my childhood. This is a home for letters addressed to me, my loved ones, and sometimes to you. 


This is an opportunity to take up space for a voice typically silenced. Here's to no longer being complicit in my own erasure.

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10.28.2023: I am in the process of migrating my site to a platform that has no ties, affiliations, nor supports the settler-colonial state of Israel. As I participate and affirm my commitments to BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), it is vital I remain transparent and  interrupt /terminate work with organizations/businesses/services that directly fund and benefit from the ethno-genocide of Paslestinians. 

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