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Moving from Daydreams to Liberatory Realities

Beyond Marginality is a creative hub that is grounded in Black feminist fire and ancestral & communal blueprints to support feminist-led organizational project management, storytelling projects, and social justice education initiatives, with the goal of transforming feminist daydreams into liberatory realities.


As founder and lead consultant at Beyond Marginality, I draw on over a decade of expertise as a former higher education administrator, qualitative researcher, and skill as an equity and inclusion educator, to work with/alongside organizations to advance their missions towards equity and liberation. In this work, I utilize my executive functioning skills, flexibility, and creative approach to problem solving and program management to amplify the work of my partners and collaborators.


Interested in collaborating and/or working together? Connect with me!

Kristian is sitting, cross-legged and looks up to her left at graffiti

Interdisciplinary Liberatory Education

My work in and outside of the classroom draws primarily from the life and legacies of transnational Black feminist luminaries, higher education thought leaders, as well as the possibilities made real by Critical Race theorists. This theoretical framework melds with my formal training and experiential knowledge as an equity-focused educator, interdisciplinary scholar, sister, daughter, friend, partner, and lifelong learner.

Kristian is smiling and is surrounded by a group of smiling people - all dressed in purple.

Speaking Engagements and Lectures

My approach to invited talks, lectures, and keynotes remains grounded in my commitment to capacity building. Whether discussing  identity/power/privilege, racial and gender justice, topics related to compounding oppressions, equity and equality in the realm of American education, or institutional interventions - among other social justice and liberation topics - I frame learning as an avenue for pleasure activism (brown, 2019) and an actualization of bell hook’s (1994) belief that education can be a practice of freedom.

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Consulting and Workshop Facilitation

Shaped by my commitment to capacity building, my consulting work ranges from leading workshops on tangible tools and interventions for equity-driven change, developing co-curricular inclusive experiences, research and content development, social media management, program planning, to social justice-focused support for small and large groups (ie. students, faculty, staff, alumni, community organizations, and non-profit teams).

A flat lay photo of a watercoloring journal, pens, and crystals on a white background

Creative Curator| Art as Activism|Social Media Management

My passion for liberatory education and community building merges with my love of art as activism in my creative work. Inspired by the space between pen and paper, the cadence of freedom songs, the vibrancy of mixed medias, and visual art, my creative consulting work includes designing themed Zines, digital curriculum guides, professional development tools/activities, social media content development and management, physical programming tools (ie. posters, pamphlets, cultural heritage month calendars, etc.), and tailored marketing packages.

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Executive Anchor| Strategist | Project Management

I channel my penchant for vision-based leadership and color-coded planners to bring high-level and detail oriented structure to select project and programming needs. Working from a Black feminist lens, I offer tailored services focused on short term or time sensitive leadership strategy, addressing project risks and deficits (such as time and budgetary efficiency), coordinating with and leveraging stakeholders across hierarchies, and facilitating creative interventions to meet organizational and implementation goals. Such a process demands an equity based ethos that connects all team members to the mission and vision that defines community.

Recent Projects

Program Manager, Black Parent Innovation Lab 

Parenting for Liberation 

May 2023 - Present


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Contreras, K. (2020). Letter to my daughter. Intersections: Critical Issues in Education, 4(1)

Contreras, K. (2018). Reflection and practice through case studies: Being the only one…. In R. L. Pope, A. L. Reynolds, & J. A. Mueller, Multicultural competence in study affairs (pp. 274-276). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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