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A pastel digital illustration of two Black women


March 2022 marked the beginning of the data collection for my dissertation project - the #NotYourMammyStudy (IRB #: 22-040).  It felt surreal to share my ideas, perspectives, and aspirations for Black women in American academia with folks outside of my committee members and support network. I am supremely lucky to have worked with 27 other incredibly generous, vulnerable, and vibrant Black women in American academia. They are my sistren.

To my participants - my sistren - thank you for making this work possible.

I am proud to share that in April 2023, I successfully defended my dissertation - #NotYourMammy: Explicating the Experiences of Black Women Graduate Students as Learners and Laborers in American Academia" - with high distinction and no revisions 💅🏾


I believe in citing my sources, especially the Black and Brown women who make this project possible. Check out #CiteASista who exemplify what it means to defend Black women in our texts and daily lives.

Interested in my reading list? You can explore some of the literature that inspires this project, challenge my thinking, and motivates my work. Check out my reading list here!

Love the artwork featured? All digital illustrations are designed/owned by artist, creative, and inspiration Melissa Koby. You can learn more about her beautiful work (and purchase them) here! Many thanks to the Pinterest algorithm for introducing me to many of her gorgeous pieces.

A cropped photo of a bookshelf filled with colorful books
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