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Community In Real Life (IRL) ✊🏾

The Our Sistren's Garden's #communityIRL thread acts as ahub to share/discuss community resources in real life and on the web - organizations and groups may offer services or a place for support as Black women navigating this chapter of life. The degree and the process are only one component of the full lives we're meant to lead - so grow your community!

➡️  Academics for Black Survival and Wellness offers a mission that is two pronged - healing/wellness for Black people and anti-racist education for non-Black people in academia. Here's a link specific to resources for Black people

➡️ The Association for Black Women in Higher Education

➡️ Brown Mamas: Creating a Lane for Black Moms

➡️ The Black Disability Collective on Facebook: (a private support group for Black disabled folks)

➡️ #WritingBlackness on social media - “#WritingBlackness is a virtual writing community where dope Black people write about dope Black shit. We integrate art (i.e., photography) into our journeys by sharing photographs of our progress. We build community by encouraging each other, sharing resources, & writing tips.” - Created by DeMarcus A. Jenkins @ Markie_Jay06 on Twitter

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Support Melissa Koby

Love the artwork featured? All digital illustrations are designed/owned by artist, creative, and inspiration Melissa Koby. You can learn more about her beautiful work (and purchase them) here! Many thanks to the Pinterest algorithm for introducing me to many of her gorgeous pieces.

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