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About Kristian Contreras

Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Kristian Contreras – an amalgamation of harsh consonants, lullabies whispered in Spanglish, and my father’s weathered hands. My name is made of simmering curry, the One Train, and wallets full of last month’s bills. I come from red, white, and blue birthdays, burned concón the color of my skin, moth-eaten pashminas stowed away among Christmas lights, and the lilt of my mother’s colonized tongue. 


Through my training as both a diversity, equity, and inclusion administrator and interdisciplinary education scholar, I became an alchemist. I learned to reframe assigned deficits into cultural capital, develop curriculum and workshops rooted in liberatory scholarship, culled the magic embedded in the work of community organizers, and turned inwards to follow the compass of accountability. 

A Brooklynite at heart, I carry a love of my mixed-race culture and community as the foundation of my life and work. Whether I am developing co-curricular experiences, shaping learning outcomes, leveraging my training as a Black feminist scholar, or weaving together the work of luminaries, I always return to the socio-political realities tied to my identity as a cisgender woman of color. How can I do the work with intention and care? How does my lens as an Afro-Dominican-Guyanese daughter of immigrants shepherd the interventions I dream of as I make sense of the margins?

When I am not falling in love with Black feminist literature or pretending to be an Ivy Park ambassador, I can be found lost in a romance novel, investing in my eyebrow maintenance, or asking myself "What Would Janet Mock Do"? As I daydream and create, I remain inspired by community building, baby animals, the freedom of a library card, carnelian adornments, my loves, and surpassing the limitations often associated with marginality.

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